Episode 82 - Mirror’s Edge

October 2, 2018

It's a sunny Utopian wonderland this week on the cast, but all may not be as it seems. Runners dart from building to building to deliver their messages lo-fi style. That's right, this week the boys are playing Mirror's Edge. So grab your red plimsolls and jump in...

Episode 81 - Timesplitters 2

September 25, 2018

The boys go back to the future... and then forward again, as they chase aliens and time crystals around the galaxy. So, grab your pistols, your best Goldeneye impressions, and jump into the fray...

Episode 80 - Kirby’s Adventure

September 18, 2018

He's pink, and he's round, and he's very very hungry. That's right, this week, the boys join forces with one of Nintendo's biggest icons, Kirby! So grab your zelda swords, your magic wands, and ready up for an adventure that literally sucks. See you inside...

Episode 79 - Grand Theft Auto

September 11, 2018

The boys are smashing and grabbing this week as crime takes over the podcast. That's right, it's the granddaddy of grand thefts, the original GTA. Will Ben figure how to load such an old game? Will Jono ever drive a straight line? Tune in to find out...

Episode 78 - Shenmue

September 4, 2018

Time ticks by in a mysterious murder mission this week as the boys try to figure out the twists and turns of Shenmue! Will Jono manage a karate chop? Will Ben ever get through a cut scene? Tune in to find out...

Episode 77 - Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

August 28, 2018

Things get a little strange this week as the boys venture into a meat factory to save an entire species from extinction! That's right, it's the curious environment of Oddworld! So, rescue your Mudokons, dodge the Sligs, and join Ben and Jono on the Oddysee...

Episode 76 - Spyro The Dragon

August 21, 2018

Grab your flameproof spandex dear listener, as this week the boys are tackling fire and fury in the dragon world! That's right, the original scaly funster is out to save his world from being turned to statues. How will the boys find the opening of this classic? Tune in to find out...

Episode 75 - Luigi’s Mansion

August 14, 2018

It's another spooky one this week, as our boys win a competition and inherit a slightly haunted mansion! That's right, Ben and Jono are busting some ghosts in this Gamecube classic. So, grab your vaccum, your flashlight, a large dose of courage, and listen in if you dare...

Episode 74 - Silent Hill 2

August 7, 2018

The boys get spooked in the mist this week as they travel to the frankly terrifying Silent Hill! Will Jono ever stop shaking? Will Ben get out of the toilets? Tune in to find out...

Episode 73 - ToeJam and Earl

July 31, 2018

The boys get super funky this week, not in an ironic way, with the legendary ToeJam and Earl. These groovy space aliens have chilled their way across the galaxy to reach the coolest planet of all... Earth. So, grab your tropical shorts, wrap-around sunglasses and join the jammiest pair around!