Episode 28 - Desert Strike

September 19, 2017

Gunning down the chocolate cake and blowing up the profiteroles. It's Dessert Strike.... wait a minute. Anyway, throw those puddings aside, jump into the cockpit and join our boys as they tilt, yaw and strafe their way across the gulf. Will Ben follow the story? Will Jono ever stop laughing? Fly in and find out!!


Episode 27 - Tomb Raider

September 12, 2017

One of the largest franchises of anything ever, and a heroine who really needs no introduction. The question is, how does her first adventure hold up under the scrutiny of our two intrepid gamerteers? Wolves are fought, chasms plummeted, and switches.... ummm, switched, as the boys go raid some tombs...


Episode 26- Gunstar Heroes

September 5, 2017

This week, the boys grab their Mega Drive pads and tackle one of the most beloved shooty games EVER!! Cracking bosses with cracking names populate this bullet hell fiasco. Will Ben play the right game? Will Jono ever fight faux M Bison? All these answers and more inside...


Episode 25 - Hotline Miami

August 29, 2017

This week our two game-venturers delve into a very retro Miami and all the delights of it's strange undercity. Ringing phones, animal masks and some of the most pixelated violence ever to hit the podcast.  So grab your bats, guns and owl headgear, and take a very trippy journey into the unknown...


Episode 24 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 22, 2017

Who would have thought renaissance painters eating pizza in the sewers would catch on? Yes, that's right. This week the boys pull out their coolest moves and catch a ride with the ninja turtles! Will Jono ever figure out swimming? Will Ben ever stop talking about his experiences in the West Country? Probably not! Tune in and find out...


Episode 23 - Burnout 3

August 15, 2017

When is a racing game not a racing game? When it's a Burnout!! That's right, this week our intrepid explorers hop into the fast lane and take to the streets. Jono raves about a DJ and Ben gripes about the price of beer, but what is their hot take on this classic franchise? Jump in and find out...


Episode 22 - Halo 3

August 8, 2017

Not the cookery program, but the big green fighting machine! Yes, this week our boys are tackling the Master Chief and all his pals in the Microsoft juggernaut, Halo 3! Jono grapples with story, while Ben displays his love of blue and orange. Set pieces, laser swords and grenade throwing creatures await...


Episode 21 - Goldeneye

August 1, 2017

Daniel Craig or Sean Connery? Walther PPK or Golden Gun? M or Q? Yes, that's right dear listener, this week our boys are taking on one of the grandest of all licenses. Goldeneye, starring Mr James Bond himself! So, strap on your safari suit and grab your vodka martini, because we're all going dam diving...


Episode 20 - Rings of Power

July 25, 2017

A game that has nothing to do with Sauron and gang, honest guv! This week the boys take a trip to the past and hunt down some Rings of Power... with varied results. Welcome to a world where bears come in pairs, down is diagonal, and combat is set to auto! Wish. Them. Luck!


Episode 19 - Super Castlevania 4

July 18, 2017

Dracula! The most classic of all the monsters, and he's on the podcast this week...well, sort of. Our two brave game explorers are talking all things bats, belfrys and Belmonts, as they take on one of the toughest and most classic titles, Castlevania! Will the first level be too much? Listen in and find out...