Episode 53 - Super Meat Boy

March 13, 2018

Meat and bandages and boys, oh my!! Yes that's right, this week our pair of lovable retro rogues take on one of gaming's hardest challenges. Will Jono beat the boss? Will Ben figure out brightness controls on his Switch? Listen in to find out, and watch out for the buzz saw.... oh.


Episode 52 - Cannon Fodder

March 6, 2018

"War, never been so much fun," sings the opening ditty. Perhaps our two plucky adventurers will have something to say about that!! Yes, that's right. Another week has passed, and the boys are tackling another classic game. So, strap on those helmets and grab your rifles. We're off to war...


Episode 51 - Altered Beast

February 27, 2018

Did you have a Mega Drive? ...or Genesis for our American cousins. Then you've probably played this week's game! Unfortunately our boys had no such luxuries growing up, so they're running fresh faced into this monstrous adventure! How will they fare against the denizens of hell? Listen in and find out...


Episode 50 - Bioshock

February 20, 2018

It's the 50th Episode!! Against all odds, our heroic duo have talked every week for nearly a year! So the boys are celebrating by diving to the darkest depths of the ocean! Crashing a New Years Eve party, and injecting a few plasmids? It's all in a day's work. Come join an adventure most terrifying!!


Episode 49 - Punch Out

February 13, 2018
Just as Rocky was making his world debut, another plucky youngster was trying his luck in the boxing ring. Lil' Mac was his name, and Punch Out was his game! Yes, that's right! This week our boys take their best shot at the beautiful game, and get all their sporting metaphors wrong. Will they be out for the count?

Episode 48 - Shadows of the Empire

February 6, 2018
They do say second time lucky...right? Well, let's hope the force is strong with this one, as the boys return to their favourite universe and tackle that evil Empire!! Ben crashes his snowspeeder, and Jono gets befuddled by a walker!! Will these to bungling idiots manage to stay on target and save the day? Tune in to find out...

Episode 47 - Jurassic Park

January 30, 2018
A podcast 65 million years in the making... yes, that's right, the boys are tackling the dino-tastic Jurassic Park! How those 3D sections hold up? Just how unlicensed is the music? And what exactly is Jono's preferred JP film? Find all the answers and more. Come take a walk in the park...

Episode 46 - Soul Calibur

January 23, 2018

Swords, sticks, blades and all sorts of weapons adorn the 'cast this week as our boys tackle their first fighting game! Ben visits a museum, and Jono becomes a soul blade master, in one of the Dreamcast's greatest titles. So, jump in the ring, put up your dukes and enter the toughest competition in the digital world.


Episode 45 - The Secret of Monkey Island

January 16, 2018

Coming to you this week all the way from the Caribbean, it's your two favourite drunken sailors! Undead pirates, hilarious puns, and much monkeying around as Ben and Jono navigate the Scumm engine in this classic from Lucas Arts! So, grab your grog, your best one-liners, and walk the plank to Monkey Island...


Episode 44 - Pokemon Ruby

January 9, 2018

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle. These words mean everything to a select group of people. Unfortunately, to our boys they mean next to nothing, as they've never played with pocket style monsters before. So, grab your pokeballs and pokenets and poketrainers and pokeallsorts, and come adventure in a most strange land...